About Us

The McMaster Planetary Society is focused on empowering students to advance space science and exploration through better understanding their place in the space industry and creating a space community on campus.

Meet the team

We’re a group of undergraduate students at McMaster University who are united by our shared passion for space & space exploration. 

Magalie Durepos-Létourneau

Mechantronics Engineering – III

I have been passionate about space since I was little and always loved technology. I am grateful to work with this wonderful team to help students find their path to the space sector while creating an inclusive and diverse space community at McMaster!

Julia Meeson

Mechatronics Engineering -III

I am very excited to be a part of the McMaster Planetary Society as one of the VP Events, so I can share my passion about space with the community. When I’m not doing school or extra-curriculars, I enjoy hiking and being outdoors.

Zaina Syeda

Arts & Science – I

I’m Zaina! I joined McMaster Planetary Society because I am interested in what is being done in the space field, learning about our universe, and observing the night sky. In my own time, I enjoy reading sci-fi novels and I have some pet birds!!

Wenjun Jiang

VP Internal
Health Sciences – II

Wenjun has always been interested in the cosmos and the different galaxies and planets within it. In particular, he enjoys learning about space exploration and extraterrestrial life. Outside of the MPS, Wenjun studies at McMaster and is also involved in several other extracurriculars (although they are less space related). In his free time, Wenjun likes to read different novels, hang out with friends and listen to music.

Julia Lou

VP Graphic Design
Honours Life Sciences – II

As someone who’s passionate about both space and art, I’m very excited to be a part of the Planetary Society! This growing community is a special part of my life, and I hope to help promote the fun things about space to other students through my graphics!

Shreya Gupta

VP Events Coordinator
Health Sciences – I

Hi! My name is Shreya and I’m the VP Events Coordinator for MPS! In my free time you can find me standing dead center in the middle of a sidewalk staring at the sky or perhaps playing street hockey 🙂

Jaisal Samra

VP Finance
Honours Life Sciences – II

I love how the science of space can explain how the Earth and the Universe came to exist. I am very passionate about the theoretical aspects of space physics, such as Einstein’s relativity, and would love to have a conversation with anyone about it!

Savinay Chhabra

Software Engineering – II

I’ve always loved aerospace and anything related to science since I was a kid. Apart from space I’m also super passionate about cars and am a huge F1 fan.


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