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The McMaster Planetary Society is focused on empowering students to advance space science and exploration through better understanding their place in the space industry and creating a space community on campus.

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Monday, March 28 –  7:30PM – 9:30PM.
Altitude Fire Pit

Cookie Decorating Event
March -30

Space Fact Friday

For the first time, the James Webb Telescope has confirmed an exoplanet! This planet, LHS 475 b, is extremely similar in size to Earth, but they are incomparable due to the fact that the exoplanet revolves around its star in just two days! 

-February 5, 2023

Total Lunar eclipse occured earlier this week. During a total lunar eclipse, the moon’s orbit falls in the Umbra, the darkest regions of the Earth’s shadow.

-November 11, 2022

17 Solar Eruptions launch from a single spot – adding possiblilty of witnessing the Northern Lights this week

-April 1, 2022

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